So… the race is on!

Even though we’re still far away from our targeted destination, my anticipation of india is already raising. 6 weeks before we head to this beautiful country we gathered with our 12 travelmates for a so called “root dinner”. Every student was supposed to bring some food that he/she was somehow related to.

For an instant I was thinking about bringing some Momos (Tibetan Dumplings ). But just for an instant since it takes a hell of a lot of time to prepare. So I decided to bring something from my second homeland: Glarus. More precisely: Engi. Erm.. well… less precisely: Elm. Which means I brought the most delicious drink with me, the premium beverage of our time. Its name is Elmer Citro.
Elmer Citro

So we met, talked about India in general, about our trip and some ideas in terms of projects in and about India. Oh yes, and of course we talked about Slumdog Millionaire. The best movie i’ve seen for a while.

With some food, ambient hindi music and topics about India, I felt like being back in 2007. That time I spent 4 months with chapati, curry and chai.

So far, namaste!

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One thought on “So… the race is on!

  1. banjeet says:

    your blog makes more sense to me now after i read it since i’ve met you and know you in person now..while i read that i could imagine myself with you guys in my house sitting on the floor talking without Elmer Citro but my chai 🙂

    have wonderful time ahead you guys ! i am so happy that i got to cross path into your orbits…i had the best time…wishing you all the luck!


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