India, we are coming soon!

We are 12 Students who have chosen the modul: India: Interkulturelle Kompetenz im Praxistest

Der vertraute Blick fürs Fremde – der fremde Blick fürs Vertraute.

I‘m one of these students.

This week, on the 16th of February, we had our second „travelling“ meeting at the Zurich University of the Arts.
We brought typical food, how shows where our cultural roots are coming from.

… My Mum is coming from the city of Chur, Grisons . My dad has his roots in Germany…
What did I bring? Some dumplings, a speciality of Thüringen, or a typical speciality of the Grisons?



Bündner Birnbrot –> spezialitaeten-aus-graubuenden


We‘ve spoken about our roots, where our families are coming from, about our (different) background(s). About our travel experiences we made before and what we should do to prepare such a trip.
A trip where we should do our one project.

Now, I realised, that I really go to the far east. And that I have to find a project I like.

The countdown has started – and there are only a few days until take-off.


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