Namaste !

The family where we are staying in Ahmedabad is preparing a party tonight. There will be music and singing. These days are different because we are all working on our project, we have the final presentation tomorrow… what a pressure ! hihihi

Ahmedabad is a city where old heritage houses and modern architecture meet. It is very unusual to go for a walk in the old town and then just cross the Sabarmati river and be in front of a Le Corbusier achievement !!

The heat is so unbearable that we get up very early to visit and after a nap (which is a necessity), at 5h, we can start again to do something…

~~~ connexion problem, I m writing the day after ~~~

We had the presentation, everyone was very different from our particular skills: plakat paintings, markets space map, redo-traditionnal hindi song, surprising textile bags, ornements research.

Now we are on the departure… we are taking the night train for Mumbai (our last spot). I m really looking forward for this train experience ! At the moment, we are all a bit sad… realising that we gonna go back really soon now. But we did enjoyed, one last time, our stay on the rooftop… looking at the neighbours occupations (they do also stared at us !), the stars and bats in the sky. But we won t be able to sleep there tonight.

So, I ll say NAMASTE for a goodbye. And alos THANKS to the Mehta family and everyone who make this journey happened !!!



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