Shivas Drum


I decided quite soon to do a music project. First I wanted to buy some old bollywood music records, do some sampling, remixing. But it came out differently. Lucky as I am our hosts in Ahmedabad, Metha Jagdip and his family are great musicians. This was my chance to do the project with real people, that’s better than with some dusty old records and a computer.

We were both enthusiastic about doing a music track together from the first moment on. Metha proposed to show me some old hindustani songs from which i could do a remix. We decided to take the shiva prayer bholenath.

I took the first recording of his voice to my room and tried to lay some chords and pattern underneath.

The next day I showed my first version to Metha and we recorded his voice and the voices of his daughters with only my laptop integrated microphone, low budget style. But with these beautiful voices it came out nicely anyway.

It’s a housy Shiva prayer with african rhytmhs, na?

Tillup feat. Metha Jagdip – Bolanath

Tillup at myspace


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