Same Same

The first few nights in Delhi were indeed sleepless. We were overwhelmed by the different impressions of this colourful and lively city and its kind citizens. It was in those nights when the idea to our project was born, the idea of launching a small collection of allday bags inspired by the traditional indian fabrics and paterns. Our aim was to profit from those impressions and inspirations this country was providing us with.

We started our material research and finally decided to produce 3 different kinds of bags. Our main aim was to design products for the european marked with the certain indian influence.

We profited of a visit to a blockprinting factory with an inclued introduction in this traditional art of printing and began to buy different kinds of fabrics of this technique. Bargaining with all the fabric dealers became a beloved sport to us and we got an interesting view on the indian culture. We changed shaking hands into drinking chai and enjoyed all the other experiences we got to know.

In the peaceful silence of Mount Abu we started to design the bags we wanted to produce. The connecting idea in between our collection was the fact that eatch bag was a mixture of a blockprinted fabric combined with a singlecoloured fabric. We even got to design a bag you could use in two different styles by flipping the inverse outside.

When we arrived in Ahmedabad we managed to conntact a tailor by the help of our hostfamily. It was a hard piece of work to explain him what we wanted him to produce for us. A lack of language on both sides didn’t make it any easier. But it was still a great experience. Leaving the tailor with all our sketches and fabrics, we had the feeling he’d understood more or less what we expected from him but on the same time we didn’t expect too much, because we didn’t want to risk any kind of disappointment. Three days later we got our longed for bags. Beside the little changes of design the tailor had made in self didaction, we were satisfied.

In the beginning we didn’t want to brand our collection with a name but on a long rickshawdrive to Anokhi Farm the name Same Same was born. Same same but different is one of the most often heared expressions bargaining with asian dealers and India is no exception to it.

We loved the experiences we made and even think about going back soon to start a new project with all the knowledge we earned on our first visit to India.

Nicole and Josina


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