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‚Is this your first time in India, Mr. Humboldt?’

Intercultural competence | the familiar eye for the foreign – an the foreign eye for the familiar

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Intercultural Competence: Acting in a globalized world, designers need a minimum of intercultural competence. The perception and reflection of one’s own culture is an essential prerequisite. The meaning of acting, communicating and behaving in a unfamiliar cultural space wil be our point of focus – after a brief introduction to the topic of interculturalism and ethnology in Zurich – locally on a three-week journey from Delhi to Mumbai via Jaipur, India.

Cultural artifacts:
The way we use materials, objects and space defines and determines the own culture very strongly.

_ What does work, craft and material mean in the own and in the foreign culture?
_ How objective can we stay in a foreign context?
_ Is an outsider’s view possible for this specific topic?
_ Are we going to be blinded and overwhelmed by the unfamiliar?

How cultural artifacts – especially in an intercultural context – can be detected, recorded and used as material for your own projects, is the topic of this module.

Alexander von Humboldt will be our mental mentor; with his incredible energy he made the world for himself and others through his own experience with all its senses and by collecting data, targeted observations and scientific experiments for a very first time visible and comprehensible.

We are invited to work in 2 different workshops in Jaipur and Mumbai together side to side with indian students of the Indian Institute of Crafts and Design (IICD), Jaipur , the National Institute of Design (NID) Ahmedabad and the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai (IIT)

_ are familiar with the challenges of intercultural communication and are prepared to work in intercultural teams
_ test the newly acquired skills and explore the cultural visible material of India
_ are willing to document their experiences on the journey, to describe and to communicate via blog


_ Good English skills, cultural curiosity and frustration tolerance
_ Participants are responsible for visas, vaccinations and travel insurance
_ Cost for travel, visas, vaccinations and travel insurance have to be paid by participants themselves
_ There will be a maximum of 12 swiss students included in the module
_ ECTS: 4


_ Daniel Kehlmann: Die Vermessung der Welt. 2008
_ Umberto Eco: Platon im Striptease-Lokal. 2003 (1963).
_ Ryszard Kapuscinsky: Das Ereignis des Anderen. 2006.
_ Peter Menzel: Material World. A Global Family Portrait. 1995.


Intercultural competence is the ability of successful communication with people of other cultures. A person who is interculturally competent captures and understands, in interaction with people from foreign cultures, their specific concepts in perception, thinking, feeling and acting. Earlier experiences are considered, free from prejudices; there is an interest and motivation to continue learning. (source : wikipedia)

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