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India Art Fair Delhi

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Über die Kunstszenen der Metropolen Delhi und Mumbai

Gegenseitigkeit: Überlegungen zu den um Spekulation angereicherten Städten des globalisierten Indiens und deren Kunstschaffenden

Sonntag, 14. April, 11.15 Uhr  | Kunstmuseum Thun


Die indische Kuratorin und Pro Helvetia-Stipendiatin 2013 Gitanjali Dang (*1980) spricht über die Kunstszenen der beiden Metropolen Delhi und Mumbai.

Gitanjali Dang ist freischaffende Kuratorin und Kritikerin und lebt in Mumbai. Ihre Kritiken und Artikel zu Kunst und Kultur im Allgemeinen sind in führenden lokalen und internationalen Publikationen wie Frieze und Art-Agenda erschienen. Sie hat mehr als ein Dutzend Ausstellungen zu zeitgenössischer Kunst kuratiert und seit September 2012 leitet sie das nomadische Kunstlabor Khanabadosh. Gitanjali Dang interessiert sich im Moment für die Schnittpunkte zwischen Dichtung und Wahrheit, um spekulative Szenarien rund um zeitgenössischen Kunstpraxen zu schaffen.

Das Gespräch ist in englischer Sprache.


Two-way street: Thoughts on globalised India’s speculation-enriched cities and her art practitioners
Sunday, 14 April, 11.15 am

The Indian curator and Pro Helvetia-Resident 2013 Gitanjali Dang (*1980) talks about the art scenes of the metropoles New Delhi and Mumbai.

Gitanjali Dang is an independent curator-critic and shapeshifter based out of Mumbai. Her criticism and articles on the arts and culture at large have appeared in leading local and international publications including Frieze and Art-Agenda. She has curated over a dozen exhibitions of contemporary art and in September 2012, she started the itinerant arts lab Khanabadosh. Gitanjali Dang is currently interested in intersecting fact and fiction in order to produce speculative scenarios around contemporary art practices.

The lecture is in English.


Kunstmuseum Thun, Hofstettenstrasse 14, CH-3602 Thun

kunstmuseum@thun.ch, http://www.kunstmuseum-thun.ch

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THE EXHIBITION at Devi Art Foundation Delhi

18 August 2012 – 16 April 2013 



October 13, 2012 · Episode One – entrance Chakravyuh by Akshay Rathore and Flora Boillot

>> ground floor

6 pm RecOn with Moritz Fingerhut


6.30 pm Story within a Story with Astha Butail

conversation and writing

7.30 pm Harkat School/Unschool for Performance Arts with Inder Salim


9 pm Shadow Libraries by Lawrence Liang

a trial

See: Karmaleaks (letters from a secret archive) by Portside || Untitled by

Asim Waqif, Raakesh MPS, Julien Segard, Ashhar Farooqui and 9 Circuits

(time-based installation) || Gurgaon Glossaries (ver 1.0) by Rupali Gupte,

Prasad Shetty, Prasad Khanolkar || Indiscernible (networks maps and virus)

by Suraj Rai || Financial Markets and the Ironies of Capital (slide show) by

S. Ananth || Occupancy as a Disobedience Kit (slide show) by Solomon

Benjamin || Esforco Minimo: Minimum Effort (slide show) by Vijai Patchineelam ||

The Flyover (scanned qr codes) by Anurag Sharma and Anush Singh


>> courtyard

6.15 pm Drop Manual by Silke Kästner

unfolding, distribution of instructions

6.30 pm Reflections on Love and War by Anita Dube


6.45 pm Bureau of Contemporary Jobs with Cybermohalla Ensemble

draft job applications

See: Unsung in Life, Unclaimed in Death (death masks) by Subodh Kerkar and Katharina Kakar


>> first floor

6 pm Amateur Cinema, presented by Ishita Tiwary

film screenings, followed by discussion with the film makers

6.30 pm Act the Victim with Paribartana Mohanty


7.30 pm Visualising the Invisible: Reading & Writing Nietzche with

Belinder Dhanoa


8 pm Why Ask The Old Questions? by Parismita Singh


8.15 pm The Artist’s Studio as a Self Myth-Cube with Ramesh Pithiya

interaction in a studio

8.30 pm Of the People, By the People, For the People with Bhagwati Prasad

cast a vote

See: Five Eyes of a Leader (furniture) by Kumar Ranjan || Art Direction Breakdown (design shed) by Aradhna Seth || We in a One Room Kitchen Field 0.25 (video) by WALA and Kush Badhwar || Drawing as a Mental Exercise (drawings) by Gagandeep Singh || Untitled (installation) by Mitali Shah


>> first floor | proposal room

See: Ruptured Sense[ation]: Art and Politics in Romanian Moving Image 

(researchers’ open studio) by Mihaela Brebenel

Listen: Ish S. || Moritz Fingerhut

Read: Artist proposals, Journals, Books

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south delhi

after lodhi garden and lotus temple (a new temple from the bahai’s shaped in the firm of a giant white lotus flower) we arrived at the devi art foundation and had an excellent introduction into the contemporary art scene in india ..

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