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highway in india

on a newly built and really propper indian highway

on one side : small groups of women wearing saris working at the new highway, dogs, colorful and heavy loaded trucks, more pedestrians than cars, holy cows, herds of goats (mouton on your future menu), sheeps, classes of kids wearing school-uniforms going to primary school, women with colorful saris coming back from a dwell, men sleeping at the board of the road, small busses with 30 travellers on the roof (friedly inspecting us) and 50 inside, women cleaning the highway, sheeps, people chatting while sitting at the boarder, auto-rikshaws with 8 passengers, motorbikes with father (helmet), mother (no helmet) and 3 kids
on the other side : our bus with 14 europeans and 3 indians (guide , driver and assistant)
i have to admit : the attraction was on both sides …

order according appereance between udaipur and mont abu

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